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Ariana Grande broke three toes

Ariana Grande has revealed she broke her toes after skidding in her dog's mess.

The US singer, aged 20, said she is still recovering from the mishap which saw her bash her foot on a wall after she slipped in the puddle.

Ariana - whose Yours Truly album was a top ten hit last year - said: "I have three dogs, Coco, Toulouse and Ophelia - and I slipped on Ophelia's pee the other week.

"I slammed into a wall and broke three toes. It was really awful and my toe is still healing. It makes me want to jump off a cliff thinking about it," she told the new edition of TOTP magazine which is out now.

In the interview she also talked about the difficulties for young women to look their best as they try to emulate stars.

Ariana said: "The pressure for girls to always look good is a massive problem. I think there's some stupid high expectation of what girls should look like.

"Girls in school growing up compare themselves to girls they see on the red carpet and in music videos, who have spent hours in hair and make-up, and have been photoshopped and perfected into superstars.

"There's such a superficial standard for women these days and it's such a stupid thing to focus on."


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