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Ariana Grande's One Last Time due to re-enter top 40 after Manchester atrocity

Her song, One Last Time, is on course to re-enter the UK Top 40.

Ariana Grande is set to re-enter the top 40 this week with One Last Time as fans have flocked to listen to the track in the wake of the Manchester attack.

The US pop star’s upbeat single originally peaked at number 24 in the UK following its release in 2015, but it has now jumped from outside the top 200 to number 35 overnight, the Official Charts Company has said.


Ariana’s concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday night was targeted by a suicide bomber who detonated a device, killing 22 and injuring dozens.

Fans have been campaigning to get the song to the top of the charts following the atrocity and, while currently at 35, its position could change when the week’s final top 40 will be revealed on Friday.

One Last Time is also currently at the top of the iTunes chart in the UK after a sales surge in the days since the terror attack.

Ariana performed the song at her concert moments before the explosion in the foyer of the venue.

🎂🎂#1YearOfDangerousWoman !!!! ♡ Thank you soooo very much for making this year so special and for showing this whole album so so much love. Really. Not just the singles, y'all really sunk into this with me and that is what means more to me than anything! You became a part of it. You gave every song on this album so much life and love and you have noooo idea. My heart is so full !!!! Thank youuuuuuu thank you for being by my side and showing me the love, dedication and support that you do. It's so unbelievable to me and always will be. Also, I'm having the time of my life touring this album and singing it for you every night !!! Music is truly everything to me.... so thank you for listening and growing with me .... I can't wait to take you where we're going next........ 🙈

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She has since reportedly returned home to Florida, and has cancelled her scheduled shows at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday and Friday.

Her Dangerous Woman tour has been suspended, up to and including her June 5 date in Switzerland.


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