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Aslan frontman injured in glass attack on stage at GAA club

Aslan's lead singer is recovering this week after he was glassed during a gig in a Dublin GAA Club.

Christy Dignam had just launched into his famous rendition of 'Crazy World' when a pint glass flew through the air banging the lead singer across the head and knocking him to the floor.

Shocked onlookers stood in silence as the music cut out and band members rushed to pick the Dublin rock star off the floor.

"Someone threw a glass and next thing we knew Christy had hit the deck. The music stopped and a scuffle broke out," described musician Niall Molloy, member of local band The Eskies who were supporting Aslan on the night.

"I don't know if it was intentional or not but it had some force behind it. It hit him square in the head. It didn't smash, but he was hit with the butt of the glass. He was bleeding and cut," he added.

Aslan were playing a gig at St Mary's GAA Club in Saggart, Co Dublin as part of a week of activities at the club.

The gig on Saturday night was the opening event in a series of planned events for the local football club.

Local band, The Eskies were supporting the band on their home ground.

"One of our band, Dave Riordan gave him (Christy) first aid. The guards were called and the whole thing was stopped," Niall described.

Aslan were just a half an hour into their slot when the bizarre glass attack took place.

The Eskies had just finished their warm up slot at 10.30pm when the popular Dublin band came on stage to a rapturous applause.

A couple of songs later and it all turned nasty.

"We don't know what happened. The club were only serving drink in plastic glasses. And it's hard to understand why someone would do it. We don't know if it was a row between two people in the crowd that just spilled out," Niall suggested.

Minutes into their most famous track, 'Crazy World' the Aslan gig was cut prematurely short by the mindless antics.

The Aslan front man received medical attention for his injuries which are not thought to be serious.

Gardai are investigating the incident and anyone who was at the Saggart gig and witnessed the glass assault is asked to contact them in confidence.

Meanwhile it's a case of the show must go on for both Aslan and the Eskies, both groups are due to play a gig in Sligo next week.

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