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Baker Street melody 'out of tune'

The musician who played the saxophone melody on the late Gerry Rafferty's famous hit Baker Street has said it was 'out of tune'.

Raphael Ravenscroft admitted he was "gutted" when he first heard the riff played back.

He told radio station BBC London 94.9 that he was hugely disappointed listening to the pop classic.

Speaking following the recent death of singer songwriter Rafferty, Mr Ravenscroft complained his saxophone was out of tune.

Asked by interviewer Simon Lederman: "What do you feel when you still hear it?"

He replied: "I'm irritated because it's out of tune." he added: "Yeah, it's flat. By enough of a degree that it irritates me at best."

The Scotsman said he was not able to re-record the take as he was not involved when the song was mixed.

Mr Ravenscroft is reported to have been paid £27 for the session with a cheque that bounced.

The 1978 hit reached number three in the UK charts and number two in the US.

Rafferty, 63, who died on January 4 after a long illness, was said to have earned £80,000 a year from the royalties on the song alone.


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