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Barlow: I worry about my songs

Gary Barlow has revealed that the thought of "losing" his songwriting skills keeps him awake at night.

The Take That frontman, who has released his fourth album Since I Saw You Last, admitted that he worries that he will never write another good track, despite the chart-topping tracks.

"I'm so lucky to find these melodies. I never feel like I was put on this earth to write songs. Never," he said.

"I just work really hard, but I always get this feeling that I've lost the ability and the luck has run out."

Gary's debut album Open Road capitalised on his reputation as the "real talent" in Take That, selling almost three million copies and spawning two number one singles. But his follow-up, Twelve Months, Eleven Days, peaked at number 35 and fell out of the Top 100 a week later when it was released in 1999.

"I was in a rotten place back then," the 42-year-old said.

"It was written by committee, that album, with [producer] Clive Davis in the US telling me who I should be and who I should work with, then the UK label telling me something different over here, and there's actually very little of me on there."

This time around, Gary kept his cards - and songs - close to his chest.

He added: "I promised myself this time around that I wasn't going to listen to anyone else, or be swayed. The first time the label heard the [new] album was when I'd finished it."

:: Gary's album Since I Saw You Last is out now, while his tour begins at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on March 29, 2014.


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