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Barlow teases Donald over his age

Gary Barlow has reportedly been upsetting his Take That bandmate Howard Donald with jokes about his age.

Howard, who is about to turn 43, told The Sun that Gary, who is only slightly younger at 40, had been bothering him by ribbing him about being the band's eldest member.

He was quoted as saying: "I am very sensitive about my age. Gary will make jokes that I'm 46 or 47 and it really p****s me off. I feel like I'm still fit enough to go on, I don't feel my age."

But Gary said: "Actually I'm not bothered about age. I'm really happy and it's lovely to be 40.

"I'd recommend it to anyone. Music is a young person's industry but you want a few of the older bands like us around."

The band, famous for their energetic routines, have been preparing for their Progress tour with Robbie Williams, which kicks off in May.

Howard ended up in hospital in Vienna four years ago after his lung collapsed when an on-stage manoeuvre went wrong.


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