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Basshunter: I'm a party animal and bad boy

Basshunter has described himself as a "party animal" rather than a "bad boy".

The Swedish singer - real name Jonas Altberg - claims the video for his new single Saturday shows him in his true light, as a party-loving bachelor.

He said: "I'm a party animal, I'm not a bad boy, I'm very nice but I'm definitely a party guy."

The 25-year-old former Celebrity Big Brother housemate is touring this summer and is looking forward to playing T4 On The Beach this weekend as it is such a good party.

Jonas said: "T4 on the beach I would say that's the best festival. I've done it before I'm going to do it again on Sunday.

"It's the best festival because it's big, it's a lot of people, a great party. It's on the beach, I love the ocean and hopefully we'll be as lucky as we are now with the weather.

"And so many other artists and acts are there and a lot of them are my friends and generally everyone you've be working with comes, even my manager comes from Dubai to see me. Everyone is gathered and there's a massive party afterwards, so that's why that festival is the best."

:: Basshunter's new single Saturday is released on July 11.


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