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Bastille's Smith stunned by success

Bastille's Dan Smith has admitted he still isn't a big fan of performing on stage.

The London band found fame after their debut album Bad Blood went to the top of the charts when it was released earlier this year, and they have since been racking up live shows.

But singer-songwriter Dan confessed: "Getting up and performing on stage isn't at the top of a list of things I like doing, even now. It wasn't until I was at university and my friends were all in bands, and I started going to a lot more gigs, that I thought about it. It was because of a combination of seeing more live music and them gently encouraging me that I started playing live."

Bad Blood is the 10th best-selling album of the year so far and next month it will be released in the US.

Dan, who formed the group with Chris 'Woody' Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson in 2010, said: "It's been an interesting year, definitely. People ask me what I was expecting, and I have to say I don't really know. Maybe I'm incredibly naive, but I was just hoping we could keep touring and make a second album."

Dan, 26, didn't think Bastille's music would be heard outside the UK, let alone beyond Europe.

"It's mad, isn't it?" he said. "Going to play in a country for the first time... It's one thing to win over a crowd when you're playing to them, but it's another to have them on your side before you've even turned up."

Bastille have a UK tour coming up and there are already plans for even bigger shows next year.

"You always hear that being in a band is an incredibly insecure existence, you never know what's happening in the next couple of months," said Dan. "I suppose we've just put our heads down and got on with it. When I was making songs in my bedroom I was never aiming for anything specific, and none of us are particularly ambitious when it comes to what we want, so that's why I feel so taken aback by all of this. It's quite a strange feeling, really."

:: Bastille's current single Laura Palmer is out now. They soon begin a UK tour.


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