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Bebe Rexha: Why I stopped responding to hateful online trolls

The Last Hurrah singer has been targeted because of her views on LGBT issues and body positivity.

Bebe Rexha performs at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018 (Ian West/PA)
Bebe Rexha performs at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018 (Ian West/PA)

Bebe Rexha has stopped responding to trolls on social media because “you can’t beat hate with hate”.

The American singer said she had taken a step back because the “bullying sometimes can be a bit much”.

She told the Press Association she had been targeted by people who criticised her for her weight or for speaking out about LGBT issues.

The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, who is bisexual, also urged fans to “just ignore it” and to take time away from sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Bebe Rexha has stopped replying to trolls online (Ian West/PA)

She said: “I think I’m learning. In the beginning I used to respond a lot more. Now I’m learning that you can’t beat hate with hate.

“And you can’t even beat hate with love sometimes. Some people just get so angry. If someone is angry and just wants to leave hateful comments, they won’t stop.

“The best thing to do in those situations is just to ignore. It’s really hard – but just ignore it.”

She added: “You do see things that can be a little hurtful, and the bullying sometimes can be a bit much.

Rexha has in the past hit back at trolls online (PA)

“That’s where it gets a little tough. It can get a little dark on the internet. That’s why it’s really important to have balance.

“I try to have balance. You don’t want to get caught up in one bad comment. It ruins your whole day.”

Rexha, who has written songs for artists including Selena Gomez and Eminem, is set to performed at the Isle of MTV Malta festival on July 9.

Now in its 13th year, the show will see Rexha perform alongside Martin Garrix and more. Her performance on July 9 will be screened on MTV UK on August 1.

Despite the abuse, Rexha said she couldn’t quit social media as felt she needed to use her platform to speak for people who couldn’t speak for themselves.

“I just say what I feel,” she said.

“Sometimes I gets me in trouble. Sometimes it doesn’t. But I just feel like I have a platform, I want to use it help people.

“Music is my therapy and I just hope it helps other people.”

Isle of MTV Malta 2019 premieres August 1 at 9pm on MTV UK.



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