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Belfast dancers Meghan and Holly to join Justin Bieber on Dublin stage

Two young dancers from west Belfast are set to join singer Justin Bieber on stage in front of tens of thousands of people in Dublin tonight.

Meghan Sewell (11) and Holly Sullivan (12) will perform a routine alongside the Canadian star at the RDS Arena show. The singer is to perform in front of a sold-out crowd of up to 35,000 fans, known as Beliebers.

The girls - who are part of the Prime Intensity dance group in Belfast - were picked from thousands of young dancers who auditioned to join the six-piece ensemble.

The girls' dance coach, Shannon Mateer, encouraged the girls to audition.

"I had seen a video online with instructions on how to audition. The girls had to learn the routine and also say a bit about who they were and what city they wanted to dance in. They also had to do a bit of a freestyle dance at the end.

dancers 6.jpg
Belfast dancers Holly Sullivan and Meghan Sewell, who will be dancing on stage at the Justin Bieber concert in Dublin. Pic by Peter Morrison

"I taught the kids the routine in class, but I didn't tell them what it was for, so when I did explain that they would be auditioning for Justin Bieber, nobody would believe me," she said.

Shannon posted the videos on YouTube and was shocked when Bieber's management got in contact to say Meghan and Holly had been picked.

She continued: "When I phoned to tell them the news, they were actually together so it was perfect. They put me on loud speaker and when I told them everyone just started screaming. I was shaking, I couldn't believe it.

"They are really excited, but they are nervous.

"They can't wait to head down to Dublin and they'll get to meet Justin and do a run through with the choreographers. It's really exciting."

dancers 9.jpg
Belfast dancers Holly Sullivan, left, and Meghan Sewell, right, who will be dancing on stage at the Justin Bieber concert in Dublin. Pic by Peter Morrison

Holly and Meghan will perform with four other young dancers during the song Children at Justin's Purpose World Tour gig.

However, the pair are the only two from Northern Ireland chosen to back up the star.

The girls have been practising and working hard coming up with ideas for their freestyle.

Meghan used to do Irish dancing before she learned hip hop, so she said she will try to make her own Bieber-friendly take on the traditional jig.

They will repeat the learned routine during the choruses.

The girls said they are big Justin fans, and recalled that before they started dance classes they used to make up their own routine's to Bieber's hit song Baby.

Meghan said: "We're really excited. We're going to tell him we love him."

"We're going to ask him if we can get a picture with him and an autograph," Holly added.

While the girls' mothers will accompany them backstage, Shannon will be cheering them on from her seat at the front.

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