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Belle And Sebastian's movie gig

Belle And Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch has revealed he is hoping to persuade actress Emily Browning to make her live singing debut at the premiere of new film God Help The Girl.

The Scottish musician has made his directorial debut with the indie movie about a girl called Eve, played by Sucker Punch star Emily, who is being treated for an eating disorder and finds music as a way of helping her cope with her emotional problems.

The film - which was award the special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year - will premiere live in UK cinemas via satellite on Saturday August 16 from Edinburgh's Corn Exchange, with an introduction from Stuart and the cast.

Following the screening, Belle And Sebastian will play a live gig of songs from the film and their own music, and Stuart is hoping to persuade Emily and co-stars Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray to join them.

The singer-songwriter revealed: " I haven't spoken to those guys yet, they're so super busy. I'm going to track down Emily this week, so I'm going to talk to her.

"I think it is pretty nerve-wracking. I was pretty nervous making a film, I felt like a phony the whole time. To cross disciplines like that and just suddenly say, 'OK now I'm a rock singer', it takes a bit of getting used to. But she did amazingly in the film, so I'm going to speak to her and see what she'd like to do."

Stuart, 45, revealed he had always had a "overwhelming urge" to make a film, and had taken inspiration from his own experience battling ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and how music had helped him through.

He revealed: "I sort of thought fancifully, maybe I can make a film with the band or something.

"But it wasn't until this character Eve came along and she started singing songs and I started quickly writing down what she was saying and I thought 'OK, I can string these together and make a musical."

He added: "The core of my creativity came from years and years of when I first got ill with a thing called ME. That's where the character of Eve came from and some of the situations she finds herself in.

"But it would be very difficult to make a film about ME because it would be the most boring film in the world because nothing happens.

"So we gave Eve an eating disorder and put her in a mental hospital, but I knew where she's coming from."

The Belle And Sebastian frontman has been working on a new album with the band but said he may make more films in the future.

He said: "I'm very lucky that I can step back into the rock and roll side of things, and that will give me a bit of perspective and maybe I'll make another film some day."

Tickets for the premiere go on sale on Monday July 14 at

God Help The Girl will be released in cinemas on August 22, 2014.


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