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Belsonic 2017: 8 things everyone will need to bring to the gigs

Belsonic 2017 is upon us with a new site and an exciting line-up of artists to keep us entertained over the next few weeks.

By Jackie Bell

Ahead of the gigs at the Ormeau Park in Belfast, here's a list of things everyone who is attending the concerts will need to make sure your Belsonic experience is one to remember.

1. Your ticket on the right day

We're not saying you're an idiot or anything, but there are a lot of gigs ahead for Belsonic 2017 and you wouldn't want to be that person who shows up on the wrong day.

Just to be on the safe side here's a handy look at who's playing when:

  • Tuesday, June 13: Arcade Fire with support form The Kooks
  • Friday, June 16: The 1975 with support from Picture This and Pale Waves
  • Saturday, June 17: Cream Classical Live, featuring K-Klass, Judge Jules, Tall Paul, and Robbie Nelson
  • Monday, June 19: Martin Garrix with support from Don Diablo and Justin Mylo
  • Thursday, June 22: Jess Gylnn with support from Martin Jensen
  • Monday, June 26: Chainsmokers with support from Anne-Marie and Lost Kings
  • Friday, June 30: Axwell & Ingrosso  with support from Jonas Blue

2. Shoes you hate

Looking good for Belsonic is obviously important, but so is the fact that you will be standing on a (possibly) muddy patch of grass for a number of hours.

This should be taken into consideration when deciding what to wear on your feet.

Chose fashion over comfort if you wish, but know that chances are whatever shoes you decide to wear will probably end up ruined due to hours of being subjecting to dancing, stamping, and mud.

Wellies are advised, flip flops are just stupid.

BRITAIN Glas_6.jpg
Edwin 'Win' Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire, who will be opening Belsonic 2017 on Tuesday, June 13.

3. Toilet paper

This is self explanatory but here you go - thousands of people plus drinks plus long periods of time equals the inevitability that your port-a-loo won't have any toilet paper.

Throw some in your bag and save yourself the nightmare.

4. The patience of a Saint

Everybody is at Belsonic to have a good time, but this means there will be a lot of queuing and waiting around.

Bags will be searched on the way in, queues at the bar may be long, while queues for the toilet even longer.

This is to be expected but know that it's all part of the experience so just enjoyed it!

5. A circle of trust

There's a lot of moving about at these gigs and that can be a bit worrisome when you've left your pints on the ground to free up your hands to throw some shapes.

Reduce the risk of people knocking over your drinks by entrusting that your friends will look out for you as you will look out for them.

If anyone's drink is spilt on someone else's watch they will be expelled from the group. Those are the rules. (That's a bit harsh, so maybe just a judgemental stare?)

The Chainsmokers

6. That raincoat your mum bought you

Again, practically must be brought in favour of fashion and as we all know the weather in Northern Ireland is unpredictable at the best of times.

Early forecasts show it will be a rainy one for Arcade Fire's opening Belsonic gig, but it should pick up as the week goes on.

That being said, plan for all eventualities and bring that horrible rain coat your mum bought you - you'll be thankful for it by the end of the night.

7. A tall friend

Between trips to the bar, the toilet, the burger van, and the stage, groups can get separated so it is helpful if you have an exceptionally tall friend to use as a homing beacon.

But if your group is full of shorties, pick a spot on the site to meet up should you get separated and make sure everyone knows to use it.

Don't go wandering off on your own because that's minus craic.

8. An exit strategy

When the concert is over there is usually a mad dash to get home, plan you route well in advance so you're not stuck until all hours.

Take public transport where possible as traffic will more than likely be a nightmare, and if someone is picking you up arrange a spot away from the Ormeau Park so you don't get caught in a sea of people.

Make sure your plan to get home also involves your friends so you're not wandering the streets on your own.

Also, Translink have announced special late trains for each Belsonic date.

For more information about Belsonic 2017 visit the event website.

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