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Bennett sings Lady Gaga's praises

Tony Bennett has been singing Lady Gaga's praises.

The crooner, 88, is releasing an album of duets with the eccentric Poker Face pop star.

He told the Daily Mirror that she was far more sensible than her appearance - the singer famously wore a meat dress - made people think.

"There were no moments of craziness or eccentricity when I was with her," Tony told the newspaper.

"She said that when she was 13 and singing jazz, 'nobody ever paid any attention to me'. We get along great and she's just such a good improvised jazz singer.

"I think the public are going to say, 'I knew she could sing well but I didn't know she could sing that well'. I just love her and want to work with her as many times as possible in the future."

Tony also worked with Amy Winehouse, recording track Body and Soul with her for his album Duets II, and invited her to perform at his 85th birthday but she died 10 weeks before the event.

He said: "She was sober on the day we recorded but I heard that she overdid the drinking. I was going to tell her to slow down. I would have told her she had a gift and she shouldn't sin against it. But I never got the chance. I had no idea how close she was to dying.

"It hit my heart very badly when I heard she'd passed away. She was a great jazz singer and when I got the call telling me the news it felt like I'd lost a daughter."


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