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Beyonce feared Glastonbury tumble

Beyonce has revealed that she feared she was going to take a tumble as she performed at Glastonbury in skyscraper heels.

The star, 29, wowed festival-goers when she headlined the event on Sunday with an energetic 90-minute set.

But she told interviewer Piers Morgan: "It was very slippery. And the first song, I was like, okay, am I going to make it? I thought I was going to have to switch shoes."

But the singer added: "I have been practising in heels since I was 13 years old. And to be honest, it's kind of second nature.

"The heels are second nature. It's just a part of it, whenever I rehearse I have on my heels."

Beyonce said she was quaking "like a leaf" before she walked on stage in her racy outfit - shimmering gold jacket, black knickers and fishnet tights.

She told CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight: "Before I performed, I was so scared. I was like a leaf. Just, I was really, really afraid.

"And I just had to say, forget that it's 175,000 people and pretend it's just like the show you did two days ago and you have been doing this your whole life. And just have fun."

Beyonce said she had changed her mind about her previous plan to stop singing at 30, saying: "I'm not retiring, I'll tell you."

Asked whether a baby with husband Jay-Z, who headlined the main stage at Glastonbury in 2008, could be on the way soon, she said: "Only God knows."


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