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Beyonce, Jay Z unveil tour trailer

Beyonce and Jay Z have played outlaws in a video commercial for their upcoming joint tour.

The superstar couple - who are going on the road in June for their On The Run live shows - released a trailer for a fake film called Run, which has the release date of "Coming never".

Rapper Jay plays a gangster who goes on the run with his partner, played by Beyonce, in a dangerous world of explosions, guns and police chases.

Several big name stars appear, with Sean Penn playing Jay's mentor and Emmy Rossum as a cop who chases a hotpants and bra-clad Beyonce.

In one scene, the outlaws are seen emerging from a lift in masks, and another clip shows Beyonce stitching Jay up after he gets injured. The songstress is also seen firing machine guns and stripping while dressed as a cowgirl in the high-octane video.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, Blake Lively, and sisters Rashida and Kidada Jones also have cameos in the spoof trailer.

Jay Z and Beyonce will kick off their co-headlining On The Run Tour on June 25 in Miami.


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