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Bjorn: I won't reunite with Abba

Abba's Bjorn Ulvaeus has said the chart-topping four-piece will never take to the stage again.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the songwriter confirmed that, though the band never officially split, they won't ever get back together after taking a break in 1982.

"It was meant to be a break. It's still a break and will remain so," Bjorn said."You'll never see us onstage again."

Although in 1976 the band sang "All the things I could do / If I had a little money," it seems that no amount of money can tempt the Swedish pop stars back to performing as a group.

Abba turned down an offer of nearly a billion dollars for a reunion tour, according to former band member Frida Lyngstad.

Bjorn explained: "We don't need the money, for one thing. Usually the reason bands have reunions is that one of them is destitute and the others want to help. Fortunately that has not happened to us."

He did hint, however, that he would be open to a sequel to Mamma Mia!, the musical based on Abba's songs.

"You never know, it depends if there's a very good script," he said. "There have always been rumours, but nothing that I can confirm or deny right now."


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