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Black Eyed Peas brave rain for gig

Black Eyed Peas refused to let it rain on their parade as they performed a free outdoor charity gig in New York's Central Park at the weekend.

The band wowed the crowd of 60,0000 and helped raise over £2.5 million through text pledge donations for the Robin Hood Foundation, in an effort to help end poverty in the city.

Fergie shouted: "Lightning didn't strike twice!" - referring to the Black Eyed Peas concert that was cancelled at the last minute this summer due to impending bad weather.

Then, as it started to rain mid-way through the concert, began chanting: "Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of rain."

Fans opened umbrellas or put on ponchos, while others embraced the weather and danced in the rain.

As the group launched into their hit Where Is The Love? it began to pour, but the fans stayed put to sing along to the anthem.

Black Eyed Peas partnered with Chase Bank and the Robin Hood Foundation for the gig.

David Saltzman, executive director of Robin Hood said: "Robin Hood's mission is simple. Fight poverty in NYC. This is the toughest economic time in the 23-year history of our organisation."


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