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Black Keys want to 'equal' Beatles

The Black Keys have told how they hope to make a record that is equal to the enduring success of their favourite band - The Beatles.

The garage rockers - known for their hit Lonely Boy - from Ohio told the Daily Star they aspire to make an album that equals the diversity and progression of Abbey Road.

Drummer Patrick Carney said: "We are huge fans of The Beatles, they're our favourite band.

"You go listen to the first record, I Want To Hold Your Hand, and then you hear the B-side of Abbey Road, you can hear it's the same voices, but everything's changed.

"That's the benchmark of success to me, and one day hopefully, Dan and I can make a record that is somewhere on that scale."

Pat and Dan Auerbarch's new album Turn Blue has a heavy prog rock influence which the 34-year-old revealed had been influenced by Led Zeppelin.

He said: "I've always been fascinated by making a record that you want to live inside of.

"Led Zeppelin II is a record like that, that I can get really lost in, because they're almost not songs, they're just riffs and beats and space and vocal parts.

"The way they utilised the form of a song always fascinated me."


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