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Blake Harrison songs 'pathetic'

Blake Harrison has said he tried his hand at music years before his career took off in The Inbetweeners.

But the actor, who played dopey desperado Neil in the TV series and now stars in new sitcom Big Bad World, admitted he's not proud of his efforts.

He said his songs were "really pathetic ones that would make James Blunt look good".

It was recently announced that a second Inbetweeners movie is being planned following the huge success of the 2011 film.

Rumours have been rife, but Blake isn't about to confirm or deny anything.

"There have been whispers that one of the characters is going to die and we're all at his funeral, Neil's getting married and it's his stag do, and that we've all signed up to a deal where it's us going to Australia - it's a different thing every few months," is all he would say.

:: Big Bad World starts on Comedy Central on Wednesday, August 21.


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