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Bloc Party guitarist's lion scare

Ash and Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack reportedly had to be rushed to hospital after being bitten by a lion.

The musician was gigging in South Africa playing with Ash when the incident occurred during a visit to a wild animal sanctuary, website spinnermusic said.

Russell, 29, was playing with a lion cub when the animal took aim at him, drew blood and left a wound.

The band were in the country to play gigs in Johannesburg and Cape Town with the Parlotones earlier this month.

Russell, who visited the animal sanctuary with Ash frontman Tim Wheeler, was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated and have a tetanus booster.

But the hospital was sealed off within hours of their visit after two men died from an unidentified virus, the band's spokesman told spinnermusic.

The drama got even worse when the band, now back in Britain, were reportedly involved in a car crash on their way back to the hotel.


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