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Blue 'confident' of Eurovision bid

Blue have revealed they are confident about their Eurovision Song Contest bid, with the reformed boy band claiming the UK will not be hearing the dreaded ring of "nil points" this year.

Speaking at a preview of the group's song, I Can, band member Simon Webbe said he was optimistic that politics would not squash Blue's efforts to bring back the Eurovision crown.

"I'm not getting nil points," he said. "We'd like to say that the Eurovision is not about the political side, it's about music and what music does is bring a wide audience of people together from different genres of music."

Fellow band member, Lee Ryan, said he thought the new voting system could help the group's quest to claim the top spot.

The scores will be calculated with 50 per cent of viewer's votes and 50 per cent of votes from a national jury of music professionals, when the annual competition takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany in May.

Blue will be performing I Can, a self written, electric pop song with a strong beat and catchy lyrics. Lee described it as "very powerful and very strong" claiming it was perfect for the Eurovision.

Blue will compete against pop duo Jedward who are Ireland's entry. Lee described the famous twins' song as "Britney-esque with an American pop feel to it".

"I like Jedward, they're funny," fellow band member, Antony Costa said. "If we come up against them, great, if they beat us, fine, if they don't and we beat them, brilliant."

The band hope flying the flag for the UK will help launch them back into the UK pop scene.

"We thought it was a great opportunity for us to make a comeback especially as it's our tenth year anniversary," said singer Duncan James.


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