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Blue's Duncan: I am still single

Duncan James has revealed he would like to find Mr Right.

The Blue singer, who came out as bisexual in 2010 and now refers to himself as gay, admitted he is looking for the right man to settle down with and can introduce his nine-year-old daughter Tianie to.

"I find women very attractive, but I haven't been in a sexual relationship with a girl since I came out four years ago. I think that, at this point in my life, I'd like a relationship with a guy," he told Closer.

"Anyone I dated would have to fit into my family though - I wouldn't introduce them to my daughter unless I thought they'd stick around," he added.

Duncan joked that his single status comes down to him being picky.

"I am sadly completely single. It sucks and I'd love to meet someone but I'm just too fussy. That's my biggest problem!" he admitted. "People get on my nerves easily and I'm quite a workaholic."

The 35-year-old revealed it wasn't easy coming out, especially to Blue bandmate Lee Ryan.

"It was so hard. I was very lucky to have an amazing support network around me, but one of my fears for many years was being rejected by friends, family and our fans," he said.

"Lee was actually the last person I came out to in the band because he's always had a bit of a big mouth and I didn't want him getting drunk and telling the world. But when I did tell him, he was amazing and said it was no big deal."

He added: "It was a confusing time. I suffered by not being true to myself. I was scared to admit to myself that I had tendencies towards other men."


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