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Blunt: Being sensitive isn't weak


James Blunt says he doesn't mind being a sensitive soul

James Blunt says he doesn't mind being a sensitive soul

James Blunt says he doesn't mind being a sensitive soul

James Blunt has said he doesn't mind being seen as a sensitive soul and doesn't think it means he is weak.

The Beautiful singer said with his new album, Moon Landing, he wants to get back to being a singer-songwriter and doesn't see why that should be a negative thing.

He said: "If I'm out filling an arena, it's easy to forget you once wanted to play intimate venues. And sometimes you're made to feel ashamed of the things you do well.

"People talk about 'sensitive singer-songwriters', and there's nothing very tough, or desirable, with the word sensitive being used as a negative.

"So you counter by playing the electric guitar and become more brash. I think that's missing the point, and vulnerability and awareness as a songwriter isn't weak at all."

James also said that he thought people in the UK believed he was taking a break when he wasn't touring at home, but that actually he was busy elsewhere in the world.

He said: "It sometimes feels like I'm away for a lot longer because I do tour so much in other parts of the world, and in Britain, we focus very much on what happens in Britain.

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"The media often thinks if I'm touring in Australia or South America that I've disappeared, but that's not the case. At least Brits are getting some fresh air and some time away from me, I suppose."

:: James Blunt's fourth album Moon Landing was released on October 18. For more information go to www.jamesblunt.com

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