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Bolton won fans with SNL sketch

Michael Bolton has admitted his Saturday Night Live sketch was "so much fun, it was insane".

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter became an internet phenomenon when he starred in the digital short/music video Jack Sparrow on the show last year, alongside comedy troupe Lonely Island.

He said: "Some of my biggest hits on YouTube maybe did 12 to 14 million views tops, and this thing was doing a million a day!"

The 59-year-old revealed it took some time for the collaboration to come about.

He said: "The guys had some really funny ideas, but the language which some of them used was hysterical to me, but was not going to be funny to some of my fans, particularly in the Mid West, where they just don't get the Lonely Island guys.

"I found a studio in Atlanta. Went in, did it. They were on via Skype and produced it. The night of the screening on Saturday Night Live, (The Lonely Island's) John Mayer said to me, 'Tomorrow you're going to have fans who never even knew you made records. They're going to go nuts over this'. I don't know how he knew, but he was right.

"I'm high-fiving college kids in the airports these days who are big fans."

:: Gems - The Very Best Of Michael Bolton is out now on CD.


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