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Bono: I love Jagger's wrinkles

Bono has confessed his great love and admiration for Mick Jagger- even his wrinkles.

The Rolling Stones frontman turns 70 this week (July 26) and the 53-year-old U2 star told a German newspaper he is such a fan, he would just like to spend every day with Mick and carry his guitar for him, reported the Daily Mirror.

Bono said: "Mick looks a bit like [Mikhail] Baryshnikov, like a ballet dancer from a different age. At the same time he still has a very beautiful face.

"The wrinkles that run through it now have made it even more beautiful. Why? Because he wears those wrinkles well. I love his wrinkles."

He added: "I would like to see him on the day.

"And then I would like to carry his guitar case for him."

U2 beat The Rolling Stones to claim the highest grossing concert tour of all time in 2011, making £479 million from their 360 Degree tour, and Bono says he owes all his money-making skills to Mick.

He explained: "People despise Mick because they think he only thinks about money, but he is a businessman above all else.

"The fact is, he understands the business. Why? Because the Stones lost a lot of money in the beginning. I have to kneel in reverence to what he has achieved.

"What I like about him as a person is that he always speaks his mind openly and he never talks much about himself. He is not a narcissistic person."


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