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Boy George can relate to Bieber

Boy George has said that he can relate to what Justin Bieber is going through because he wouldn't listen to anyone else at that age either.

The 52-year-old admitted that at the height of his fame with Culture Club, he was every bit as oblivious to advice from others as 19-year-old Justin, according to Access Hollywood.

He shared: "I can definitely identify with it completely and I can also identify with the fact that if you said anything to him, he'd laugh at you. Because I would have.

"If you said to me [at the height of my fame], 'You know what? You're messing this up.' I wouldn't have listened because you don't listen when you're that age... you don't and that's a shame because I could've saved myself a lot of drama. A lot of money as well."

Justin currently faces misdemeanour charges in Miami and Toronto and has been investigated over alleged vandalism in LA.

Boy George said he thought that young stars had it tougher these days because they were so available all of the time on the internet and social media.

He said: "I am really grateful that I kind of did a lot of growing up out of the spotlight because there [are] enough things on the internet that I hate.

"There are enough ugly pictures of me out there, so having any more would be really depressing."


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