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Boyband Kingsland Road show Haass talks politicians who has the real X Factor

by Rebecca Black

Politicians working hard on the Haass negotiations got a brief snapshot of the rockstar lifestyle yesterday... before realising a crowd of screaming teenagers had not, in fact, turned up for them.

As negotiations resumed this weekend, the waiting media at the entrance to the Stormont Hotel were joined by perhaps the least likely of companions.

A crowd of mostly teenage girls had gathered to meet their idols. Not the politicians but instead one of the star acts of this year's X Factor.

Kingsland Road travelled to Belfast on Saturday to perform their last gig of the year at the Kremlin nightclub.

They retired for the night at the Stormont Hotel, lending a touch of showbiz sparkle to the marathon political talks that have been taking place there.

The five boys from east London, who caught judge Gary Barlow's eye, were met by fans on Saturday upon landing at the International Airport, but word on where they were staying got out, leading to an excitable group descending on the east Belfast hotel yesterday.

As the band emerged around lunchtime, there were high-pitched squeals and screams as the girls ran forward in hope of getting a photograph.

Megafan Lauren Adair (16) from Belfast victoriously posted a selfie on the picture sharing website Instagram of herself with each of the band members, and described meeting them as "amazing".

Later, Kingsland Road took to Twitter to thank their Northern Ireland fans, describing their trip here as an "incredible time".

"Didn't realise we had so many fans here! Thank you everyone and the Kremlin for having us!"

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