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Boyzone: We are ready to perform

Boyzone have revealed they are ready to tour again, after admitting their first tour without Stephen Gately was "awful".

The group - Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and Ronan Keating - embarked on the Brother tour in 2011, but found the emotions still too raw, following Stephen's death in 2009.

"We did a tour about two-and-a-half years ago, our first tour after Stephen passed away and we were all very emotionally unstable. We hadn't grieved correctly at all. It was just quite awful to be honest," Mikey recalled.

Keith added: "There's no guidebook to tell you how to deal with something like that, so you kind of just try to make the best decisions you possibly can and sometimes you make the wrong decision.

"I'm not saying going on tour was the wrong decision but it was very tough and very soon after he passed away. So, at the end of that tour, we were emotionally drained completely and we needed to go away for a while and sort ourselves out."

The band, who have released their fifth album BZ20 in celebration of their 20th anniversary, are now ready to hit the road without their bandmate.

Frontman Ronan said: "I think it was a bad idea. Looking back on it now I didn't enjoy the tour. I think we all felt that. Now we're ready."

Mikey added: "It's always emotional, the memories will always be there, but we've managed in the last three years since Stephen's passing to kind of accept the new shape of Boyzone and to build upon that slowly."

Boyzone will appear in an ITV one-off special, Boyzone At 20: No Matter What, which airs on December 13.


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