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Brandon Flowers on grief record

Brandon Flowers has revealed how he channelled his grief for his dead mother into new solo album Flamingo.

The Killers frontman cancelled the band's tour of Asia and Australia to be at his mother Jean's bedside when she lost her battle to brain cancer six months ago, but he is now using music to cop with his loss.

Brandon told The Sun: "I would have preferred this to be a Killers record but the guys wanted a break. I just thought it would be a shame to put a muzzle on these songs as I have a fear of losing whatever I've got going on and so I wanted to capture it.

"I enjoyed making this record and it helped me get over my loss."

The 29-year-old musician, the youngest of six children, is glad he cancelled the Killers tour to be with his mother when she died.

He said: "My family wanted me to do the tour but I couldn't go. I'm so thankful I cancelled it as I know my mum was still 'with it' enough to know I stayed to be with her. I'm happy I was there."


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