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Brian Kennedy 'not out of the woods yet' with cancer battle

By Sasha Brady

Belfast-born singer Brian Kennedy has revealed he's not in the clear yet as he continues his treatment for cancer.

But the star insists he feels great despite his current health situation.

He has just finished a tour in England and has been receiving treatment in between gigs.

"It's an ongoing thing. I have to go in for another check-up in a few months," he told the Irish Daily Star.

"I'm not out of the woods yet, I'm not clear yet, but that's the destination I'm looking towards."

The singer was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year.

One night in mid-July Brian "suddenly had a lot of blood - not just a bit - a lot" from his backside, he recalled.

"I got scared. I thought to myself: 'Oh my God. What is that?'"

He went to his GP and was told there was nothing wrong.

But Brian wasn't happy and was convinced that something wasn't right.

On July 27 in St Vincent's, Brian was told he had a tumour in his rectum - "three centimetres up inside attached to the lining".

The singer was told that the tumour had been caught early and the situation was hopeful.

He underwent chemotherapy last September and said that he is determined to "do whatever it f**king takes to beat this".

His estranged brother Bap Kennedy passed away after a battle with pancreas and bowel cancer last November.

The 54-year-old's death was announced on a post on his Facebook page which said: "Bap was extremely brave until the end".

The pair had reconciled shortly before Bap's death.

"I knew it was goodbye and he knew too," Brian said of their meeting.

"Life is so precious and so quick to stop."

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