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Brian loved freedom after Westlife

Brian McFadden has admitted he felt a sense of relief when he left Westlife.

The singer was just 18 when he auditioned to be part of Louis Walsh's Irish boy band, but he left six years later in 2004, leaving his bandmates to continue as a four-piece until 2012.

"We're all still good friends. You don't go through what we went through and not talk to each other. We're all very supportive of each other as well," he said, before recalling the sense of relief on walking away.

"I enjoyed myself for a good year solid. You have to remember, in Westlife we were working 365 days a year, so we never had any time off," he said.

"I think I was just enjoying my freedom [after I left]."

He was also partying hard and "drinking too much" but then began looking better than he had in years after losing a substantial amount of weight.

"I started trying the low carb diet," said Brian, 34, who went on to a solo career.

"It was quite unhealthy, because I'd still be eating Burger Kings but taking the bun off. That was the only way to manage it, because obviously, you're on the road all the time and you don't have time to stop and cook."

He now credits his wife Vogue Williams, who he married in 2012, for cooking up nutritious dishes. "Vogue cooks dinner every evening and she tries to cook as healthy as she can, so she's kind of in control of our diet now."

Brian is set to co-host new dating show Stand By Your Man and will also star in the final arena tour of the musical The War Of The Worlds.

:: Stand By Your Man begins on Channel 5 on Friday, June 13.


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