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Bruce Forsyth is an Iron Maiden fan

Sir Bruce Forsyth has been unmasked as an Iron Maiden fan as he attended one of their O2 gigs over the weekend.

The 85-year-old host of Strictly Come Dancing was in the crowd for the Maiden England tour but didn't demand any special celebrity treatment as the band didn't even know he was there.

NME said Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson told the audience the next night: "We had Strictly Come Dancing in the house last night. Bruce Forsyth was here, which is absolutely f***ing unbelievable. I wish I'd have known, I would have said, 'Nice to see you, to see you nice'."

The band have now finished the European leg of their tour and will head to North America in September.

Brucie made his first Glastonbury appearance at the festival this year when he performed to the crowds and danced onto the stage to the Strictly theme tune.

He said at the time: "It's been a wonderful week - in fact it's been a great year, ever since the knighthood it's been a wonderful time in my life and I wonder why I deserve it. I think I'm very lucky."


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