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Bruce Springsteen steps in for Bono


Bono was injured in a bike accident two weeks ago

Bono was injured in a bike accident two weeks ago

Bono was injured in a bike accident two weeks ago

Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen are to step in as frontmen for rock band U2 - to replace singer Bono, who has been ordered to rest by doctors after a cycling accident.

The band are to perform at a World Aids Day (RED) benefit concert in Times Square, New York, which had been in jeopardy after Bono was injured in a bike accident a fortnight ago in the city's Central Park.

The new line-up for the group - dubbed U2 Minus 1 - was announced by the band on their website this evening just hours ahead of the show with Springsteen and Coldplay's Martin taking turns to perform songs.

U2 said the stand-ins had "graciously donated their time and talents to save the World AIDS Day event from cancellation".

Bono had to undergo surgery to correct damage to his arm and he has been told to stop performing until he is fully recuperated.

Speaking from Dublin today he said: "This year is a World Aids Day like no other. The world reached a tipping point in the fight against Aids - more people were newly added to life-saving treatment than were newly infected with the virus. A lot of people are calling it the beginning of the end of Aids.

"We wouldn't be at this point without American leadership, people from the left and the right. Today, 13 million people have access to life-saving treatment, up from 300,000 just over 10 years ago. Americans don't know the role they've played in this fight."

He said the event was to inform and thank people in the US. Also on the bill are Kanye West and Carrie Underwood.

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