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Campbell downplays match 'tussle'

Alastair Campbell has labelled an on-the-pitch "tussle" with The Wanted's Tom Parker as "all a bit handbags".

The former Downing Street director of communications and boyband singer Tom clashed following tackles swapped during a charity football match at Burnley FC.

The Soccer Six Celebrity Football Tournament match at Turf Moor between the chart-toppers and a representative home team was by all accounts a competitive affair.

At one point the referee stepped in to separate the two teams.

Tom, 22, was later stretchered off in a separate incident during the tournament. Both parties later took to their twitter pages to give their own reports on the match, which Campbell's team won.

Tom tweeted: "A fight with Alastair Campbell (yes the MP) and a twisted knee..again! Paiiin!" Before the tournament he had posted: "We are winning today. And someone is getting crunched.."

Campbell, 54, posted: "Match tasty in parts" and later referred to "my so-called bust-up with singer Tom Parker" as "all a bit handbags". He showed there was no animosity between them though as he tweeted Tom: "good to meet you. Sorry to hear of injury. Thought ours was a good competitive match."

Campbell then turned to his blog to reassure fans of the boyband that he was not the cause of the injury to Tom.

He wrote: "I would just like to point out that this happened in a subsequent match, in which I was not involved. So to those fans of The Wanted protesting on twitter that I broke his leg - I didn't, and I was also pleased to learn as we left the stadium that the injury was not as serious as first thought, so nobody did."

Stars from TV soaps Hollyoaks and Coronation Street also played in the tournament.


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