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Campbell: Things take longer now

Indie band Camera Obscura have said it might be a while before their next album.

The Glasgow band released their last album, Desire Lines, last summer and are currently touring.

Singer Tracyanne Campbell has an eight-month-old son, Gene, while bass player Gavin Dunbar has also become a parent.

Tracyanne said: "I t's too early to think about it (another album). Everything's taking that much longer to do now, because of me having a baby, and Gavin and his wife having a baby.

"We'll try to tour again later in the year, and naturally we'll go toward recording when it feels right, but we need to get the tour done and dusted."

Tracyanne is taking her son on tour.

"In my head, children and touring don't mix very well, but I'll give it a go," she said. "I need to be optimistic. It might be brilliant. I'm very lucky too, I don't have to leave him behind when I go to work."

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