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Can Nadine Coyle lift her career out of the doldrums?

By Maureen Coleman

Nadine Coyle's first attempt at solo success was a major flop and a follow-up rebranding failed to set the pop world alight.

So could it be a case of drinking in the last chance saloon for Coyle as she strives to break the US market with a plan to raise her profile through a television documentary?

The Derry lass has drafted in an American film crew to document her latest bid to become a solo star, revealing last week that she is collaborating with a team from the BBC in New York to provide an insight into her life.

The 26-year-old, who moved from LA to New York this year to concentrate on her solo career, told the Russian edition of US music magazine Billboard that she agreed to work with the film crew because the director is "my old friend whom I trust. I know it will show a reliable picture".

The documentary, due to air at Christmas, will feature Coyle with her family, who moved to California to run Nadine's Irish Mist and Bar - a pub/restaurant which she opened a few years ago when she first relocated to the US.

Coyle launched her solo pop career last year amid a blaze of publicity with the release of debut album Insatiable.

She went head to head with fellow Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole, who was releasing her second album, Messy Little Raindrops, at the same time.

But while Cole had another hit on her hands, Insatiable flopped, selling just over 100 copies in the first week.

This summer she rebranded herself as Nadine 2.0.

A teaser on a holding website entitled 'The Countdown to Nadine 2.0 Begins Now' revealed she was planning to release another single, Sweetest High. But it, too, failed to chart.

Her lack of success as a solo artist is in stark contrast to the acclaim for Cole and Nicola Roberts, the third member of Girls Aloud to launch a solo career.

While Roberts may not have enjoyed the level of success as Cole, her debut album, Cinderella's Eyes, has received positive reviews and her first singles, Beat Of My Drum and Lucky Day, did manage to make the UK Top 40.

Coyle's move to New York has been seen as another attempt to break the US market, having seemingly given up on the UK.

She has been back in the recording studio, working with producers on a revamped version of Insatiable for the US.

But while going it alone may have proved harder than she'd expected, her career could receive a much-needed boost if Girls Aloud decide to reunite for their 10th anniversary next year.

The band have been on a hiatus since 2009, but speculation is mounting that they'll get back together for a reunion tour.

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