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Carey causes late chaos at WMAs

Mariah Carey apparently sent the World Music Awards into disarray by turning up late as she was delayed by four hours.

The diva singer had been due to launch her new album, Me. I Am Mariah, earlier in the evening at 5.30pm, but when it was put back until much later in the evening, it had a knock-on effect for the awards ceremony.

According to the Daily Mirror, a senior producer at the World Music Awards said: "Mariah was meant to be at the Sporting Club [for the launch] at 5.30pm but her album launch was put back to 9.30pm.

"The whole event has been delayed. It's not great."

A spokesperson for the ceremony said: "We don't know why Mariah is late, she's just being Mariah."

Other stars such as Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis and Tinie Tempah were apparently forced to change their schedules to accommodate Mariah, 44, who was also said to have brought her own personal lighting man with her who always travels with the star to make sure she looks picture perfect.

Mariah's timekeeping wasn't the only clanger on the night - Sharon Stone, who was supposed to host the ceremony, was reportedly a no-show at the last minute.

Her eleventh hour stand-in Pamela Anderson said on the red carpet: "Sharon Stone has pulled out last minute and I've just been asked to stand in, it's crazy. They've just asked me to read through the script right now, just as I arrived."


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