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Carl Barat welcomes newborn son

Carl Barat has become a father after his girlfriend gave birth to a son during the festive period.

The Libertines frontman announced he and partner Edie Langley had become parents on his Twitter page.

Carl tweeted: "Mehreh (sic) Christmas one and all. I am the devastatingly proud father of a boy, who's name is Eli."

The 32-year-old musician had previously predicted the baby would arrive on Christmas Day.

Carl said in an interview in late December: "How will I spend Christmas? Well, I'm having a baby so I don't know. Maybe we'll end up spending it in a manger. Or a maternity ward. She's due around Christmas Day.

"I'll probably be in a maternity ward, although there's all kinds of Christmas metaphors you can make. I've got a plethora of wise men on standby."


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