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Cast's Power had Britpop scepticism

Cast frontman John Power has admitted he was sceptical of Britpop at first.

The Liverpool band were one of the biggest Britpop bands. They split in 2001, but reformed in 2010 and are embarking on a new tour.

John said: "People look back on Britpop as something exotic now, it was the last big hurrah for guitar bands really. If you were too young at the time, it would've felt out of reach."

He added: "I was sceptical to admit something was happening at the time, but now there's some distance. I think there were lots of really decent bands and there was a sense of movement. I don't know if that will ever happen again because of how much the industry has changed."

The musician admitted he wasn't keen on the idea of reforming at first.

He said: " It was a big deal because we hadn't seen each other in 10 years, and it all came because of songs I'd written that sounded like Cast songs, rather than the songs I'd done as a solo artist. Then I started softening to the idea of it. Prior to that I had no intention whatsoever, and didn't play Cast songs when I was playing solo shows.

"I didn't want to, I wanted to play my solo songs and I had to draw a line under it. Now, I don't feel that way and when I play solo I will play six or seven Cast songs as well. I'm happy with that and I love singing those songs, but at the time, not long after we split, I didn't have the stomach for it. Now, I can celebrate all my past."

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