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Cee-Lo video gains web popularity

Cee-Lo Green's catchy but expletive-laden new song has quickly gone viral.

F*** You racked up more than two million views by Wednesday morning after being posted last week on Cee-Lo's YouTube page.

Cee-Lo is best known as half of the duo Gnarls Barkley.

The video is merely a colourful stream of the song's lyrics but has created a stir nonetheless.

The song bounces to an up-tempo, '50s soul beat, but the lyrics are a message to a gold-digging ex-girlfriend.

A clean version has played on radio stations in the UK with the words "forget you" substituted.

Cee-Lo tweeted that "a bit of history" had been made with the song and that he was "amazed".

It has already spawned mash-up videos and a response featuring 50 Cent.

Cee-Lo has promised a full video ahead of his solo album, The Ladykiller, due out this year.


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