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Chaplin: Keane 'not splitting up'

Keane have denied reports they are planning to split up.

The band are releasing their greatest hits album The Very Best of Keane and are taking a break to pursue solo projects, but The Sun claimed this meant the end.

Lead singer Tom Chaplin told Dixie at Real Radio Yorkshire: "This is something that has been twisted by one particular article in one particular newspaper over the weekend.

"All we've said is that we've been very busy for a few years and we'd like to take a bit of time out from being Keane, and somehow that has morphed into 'Keane are splitting up'."

A spokesman had said: "Keane are taking a break after the Best Of to pursue their own projects."

Tom and song-writer Tim Rice-Oxley have been friends since school and formed the band at university in 1993 under the name Lotus Eaters, before being joined by Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin.


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