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Charlie Simpson happy for McBusted

Charlie Simpson has said he can now look back at his Busted days with "fond memories" - but he'll never go back.

The singer told This Morning that he had no choice to leave the band because he was finding it so difficult.

But he said that he was pleased Matt Willis and James Bourne were back together with supergroup McBusted.

"It was my decision to leave. I had a really great time in Busted but as time went on I kind of got disillusioned by the environment I was in," he told This Morning.

"It started to bother me hugely that we were seen by certain people as a band that didn't write their own songs or couldn't play their own instruments... and it just got to me a lot," he said.

He said of his days with Busted: "I look back now and it was very difficult. Matt and James didn't want to stop, but I felt like it would have been disastrous for me to carry on... but its so nice now, since the thing with McBusted happened, me, Matt and James have got back in contact and I look back now on my Busted time with very fond memories."

Charlie said that he "found sanctuary" in his later band, Fightstar.

The singer, who recently got married, insisted that he wouldn't be joining McBusted.

"I'm very happy doing my solo stuff... and now we're all in a place where we're all enjoying it. It feels good, and I'm happy seeing them having a good time," he said.


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