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Charlotte Church: I’m saving my curves for boyfriend

Charlotte Church wouldn’t strip for a photo shoot because she thinks that nudity should be reserved for “someone special.”

The 24-year-old Welsh singer revealed she regularly turns down advertising campaigns that require her to pose scantily clad because she doesn't want people to forget she is a vocalist first and foremost.

The songwriter also acknowledged that her status as an international superstar meant that she would add a significant value to any publication boasting a revealing picture of her on the front and accepts that exposing herself will probably be something she is always asked to do.

“I say no to almost everything,” she confessed. “Michelle Mone asked me to be the face of Ultimo lingerie, but I'm such tabloid fodder that to do a perfume or my own bras would just encourage people to forget what I'm about. Plus, I don't like the idea of getting my kit off - that should be reserved for someone special.”

The mother-of-two has lost around 12lbs in recent months and admits that she is feeling better for it. Charlotte has revealed some fans thought she was transforming her image but in reality she puts her weight loss down to the lifestyle of a working mother with two young kids.

“People talk about my ‘reinvention’. In fact, I'd had two kids and quite fancied looking the way I did before,” she said, “So I ate half of what I was eating before and ran around after two crazy toddlers. That was it. I didn't go on a sushi diet and I didn't exercise.”

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