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'Cheesy' worries for rapper Plan B

Rapper Plan B is worried a new charity single with Sir Elton John could destroy his "underground hip hop" reputation - and make him look "cheesy".

The triple Ivor Novello winner has just released a new version of his song Hard Times with Sir Elton and Paloma Faith to help charities in Pakistan and Japan.

But the star - whose real name is Ben Drew - said he was taking a big risk and reckoned it was on the limits of acceptability for his fans.

Plan B said he was "worried" about the release.

"I said to my friends all it needs is Ronan Keating's voice and it's cheese. It's proper on the edge - but I'm happy that it's on this side of the edge.

"We've got this saying in east London, when someone gets so famous they're 'gone'. And they're literally gone - they're never going back to the way things were before. And I have crossed that line and I guess I am gone."

He went on: "I love my hip hop, my underground hip hop and I want to carry on doing that," he said.

"And releasing a charity record was a bit of a risk for me, doing something so high profile, it risks me crossing that line where I can never go back to doing the underground.

"But there's a lot of people dead and a lot of people injured and suffering over there and I am in this position that I can change something or that I can contribute to making somebody's life better."


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