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Cheryl Cole: I didn't have the claws out for Nadine Coyle

By Amanda Poole

Pop princess Cheryl Cole has revealed she has no qualms about referring to Nadine Coyle as the “lead singer” of Girls Aloud.

In her new autobiography the former X Factor judge writes frankly about her relationship with the Londonderry singer.

‘Cheryl My Story’ also charts her rise to fame from a Newcastle Upon Tyne council estate, her doomed marriage to England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole and cheating death after contracting malaria in Tanzania.

The band separated to do solo projects in 2009, but is expected to reunite for their 10th anniversary later this year. Cheryl says she knew Nadine (right) was serious about going it alone when she brought her own manager onto the Girls Aloud tour bus.

“It was no secret Nadine was trying to launch a solo career in America,” she said.

“She’d been living in the States for several years by now and was forever travelling back and forth.

“I felt we were lucky she was prepared to split herself in two. This was different, though. Having her manager actually on tour with us was crossing the line, and that’s when I knew that it was finally time for us to take a break.”

In the book, the stunning Geordie recalls an incident were Nadine was three hours late getting into their car.

“‘You’re taking the p***!’ we all shouted at her,” Cheryl said. “You’ve been getting later and later every day and we can’t be sitting around waiting for you!

“I think she had just overslept, and she was very apologetic.”

Cheryl said she had no problem with calling Nadine the “lead singer” of Girls Aloud and says “she gelled easily” with her.

Fuelling rumours the band was splitting, US-based Nadine didn’t show up to a Brit Awards ceremony, when Girls Aloud were nominated in the Best Group category.

Cheryl said: “I think we all expected her to come up with some sort of excuse, but she actually just admitted, ‘It’s not really my thing’.

“I can remember a sort of stunned silence, like we’d all be slapped in the face, but I was so cut up about my marriage this didn’t really make the impact it probably should have.”

Earlier this year Cheryl met up with all of her Girls Aloud band mates, “proving that we haven’t had fallouts the press would like to think we have”.

Cheryl: My Story, |published by HarperCollins, is available in book shops now

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