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Chic's Nile tells of cancer battle


Nile Rodgers was cheered by the Hyde Park crowd

Nile Rodgers was cheered by the Hyde Park crowd

Nile Rodgers was cheered by the Hyde Park crowd

Musician Nile Rodgers has said his work gave him the strength to overcome cancer, but admitted it was "terrifying" to be diagnosed with the disease.

The renowned producer, 62, was cheered by the packed crowd in Hyde Park where he was performing with Chic, when he said he was now free of cancer before he launched into Get Lucky.

Speaking after his performance, Rodgers, who has worked with a variety of artists including Diana Ross and David Bowie, said: "What happened was the first night I was diagnosed, four years or more now, you're very afraid. It's terrifying. You think to yourself it's a death sentence.

"Since I couldn't control what the outcome was going to be ... I wasn't going to live dying, I was going to die living.

"And then I didn't die. I actually started living a lot more and I worked and worked and worked."

His autobiography came out, he went on tour and wrote more songs.

"And I think that that all together - of course with the help of doctors, I don't minimise that - but I think that that give me the strength to get through it and to be here today," he said.

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Asked what advice he would have for people who find themselves in the position he was in, he said: "I would never give advice because when it comes to things like that you got to follow your own heart.

"A lot of people said that I was crazy to work like that. The first year out of 365 days we were on the road 300 days."

He said it was "great" for him, adding: "Every day was rewarding, it made me feel better and better and better, and then during that period was when I got a phone call from Daft Punk and we did Get Lucky."

He said every day he has "something cool to do".

Rodgers was performing with Chic at the gig in Hyde Park which was headlined by Kylie Minogue, and the Australian pop princess could be seen dancing to their songs at the side of the stage.

Asked what it was like to play to such a huge crowd, Rodgers said: "It's always magical for me ... It almost feels like you could walk on their vibe, on the electricity coming from the audience. It feels like it could actually hold you up.

"It's one of those very peculiar feelings and as an artist I have to protect myself and make sure I don't do that beause it really does feel magical."

They performed hits including Le Freak and Good Times.

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