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Cliff and Harry in choc'n'roll gig

Sir Cliff Richard has recalled how a young Prince Harry once accompanied him by singing into a chocolate bar.

The pop veteran said the young prince launched into a rock'n'roll hit when he went to visit the family during a skiing trip.

Sir Cliff told BBC One's Breakfast that the encounter took place when he popped round to give them a private concert during the holiday.

He and the late Diana, Princess of Wales were already friends and it emerged they were staying in the same location.

Sir Cliff, 73, said: " She was skiing in the same lodge that I was at in Austria and I saw her and she said, 'Oh I believe you have your guitar'. I said, 'Yes I do' and she said 'When you come here on a Friday night you should bring your guitar, would you sing for the boys?'

"And they must have been about nine and 11 at the time, so I played some Living Doll and Bachelor Boy and I saw Harry yawn.

"So I said, 'What do you like?' And then he said 'Do you know Great Balls Of Fire?' and I said, 'Yes I do - but how do you know? And he said, 'Mummy plays it all the time'.

"So then he grabbed a Toblerone and did a Michael Jackson - starting to sing into it," the entertainer told Breakfast viewers.


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