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Conor Maynard: 'I still have my bra collection from the tour'

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By Andy Welch

After being spotted singing covers on YouTube, Conor Maynard signed to EMI and released his debut album Contrast in 2012. He talks about his new single, working with Labrinth and his, ahem, hoard of bras.

Q: Royalty, your new single, sees a shift in sound for you. Is this the older, wiser, Conor Maynard singing?

A: I don't really think the second album has a specific sound, I tried to keep it as varied and versatile as I could. Over time in the studio, I just create whatever I feel like creating. But I would definitely say the new album has an older sound than the first ... you can hear the progression.

Q: When you were in the recording studio with the swing band, did you stray into any Rat Pack territory?

A: We strayed into everything, we would go into swing music and then just go full on hip-hop. I think I truly believed I was Jay Z for a second. If I remember correctly we also did a swing version of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song. We're that cool.

Q: You worked with Craig David on the last single, Talking About. Anyone else of note you have been working with for your new material?

A: Royalty was written/produced by Labrinth, so that was definitely amazing for me to be able to do. I've worked with so many people on this album. There was even a track that had input from Timbaland.

Q: How is the new album coming along, when will it be out?

A: We're almost there. I don't know exactly when it will be out yet, I definitely need to hurry up though before my fans become hostile. I feel like they could snap at any moment.

Q: You have some festival appearances over the summer, will we be seeing a UK tour soon?

A: The tour will probably take place after the album. I can't wait to get back on the road again. I still have my bra collection from bras that were thrown on stage during the last tour. Looking forward to updating it.

Q: You're friends with a lot of the new YouTube stars, is social media a natural home for you?

A: Social media has been a part of my journey from the very beginning. I started on YouTube, my first ever award (MTVs Brand New for 2012) was won by my Twitter followers voting for me. Social media was and still is a massive part of my career. I also get a lot of marriage proposals via Twitter and Instagram so yeah, I love it.

Q: You were away for a while between R U

A: Crazy, the last single from the first album, and Talking About, released earlier this year. What were youup to?

Just trying to figure out where I wanted to go with my music. I never wanted to rush the album, nor stop it being the strongest album it could be. I took my time, so hopefully it pays off.

Q: What plans have you got for the summer?

A: I'm going to sit at home watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream, crying, naked. Actually, I have a bunch of festivals this year and I'll be finishing off this second album.

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He releases his new single Royalty on July 10, and will have his second album out before the end of the year. For more information, visit

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