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Cooper: Gaga needs to keep it real

Alice Cooper has revealed he warned Lady Gaga not to let her outrageous stage persona take over her life.

The goth rocker told the Reader's Digest how Gaga had thanked him for inspiring her when they met, but he cautioned her not to become the character she has created for her shows.

Alice said: "As soon as I saw her on TV, I fell in love with the outrage. I couldn't wait to see her show.

"Last year, we met backstage and she was wonderful. She got down on her knees and did the whole "we're not worthy" bit from [the film] Wayne's World.

"She said, 'Alice, thank you for letting me steal your show.' I said, 'Gaga, I created a character called Alice. But it's important to keep Alice on stage. I never let Alice take over my real life.'

"I guess what I was trying to say was, be outrageous for the cameras. Wear a chicken on your head... but don't get suckered into thinking that stuff is real.

"When you're at home, just be yourself. If you can learn to co-exist with both Gagas, you'll be OK."

::November's issue of Reader's Digest is out on October 17.


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