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Craig David: I get more mellow about charts as I get older

The singer said he is enjoying his own journey in music and the chance to elevate other artists.

Craig David attends The Global Awards (Joel Ryan/PA)
Craig David attends The Global Awards (Joel Ryan/PA)

Craig David has said he has become more mellow about his chart success as he has got older.

The singer, 36, who released his seventh studio album earlier this year, said he has learned to appreciate “the journey”.

Arriving at the inaugural Global Awards, where he was nominated for best pop dance act, he told the Press Association: “I’m just really grateful. I’ve been doing this for 17 years now and I just think you evolve in terms of what is the most important thing.

Craig David and Marvin Humes at The Global Awards (Joel Ryan/PA)

“For me, chart positions or selling records, they are all cool – but to enjoy this and bring people through, the other artists who are talented, and showcase that.

“Because otherwise it gets a little bit played out if you’re just like ‘where did I chart?’ how many streams did I get today?’ It’s got to be more than that and I’m just grateful I could be here for the first ceremony.”

He added: “I’m just a big fan of people’s voices and that is what I love most about awards ceremonies, you get to meet people that you have seen from afar and get a different vantage point and then get to say, ‘listen ‘I’m a big fan of your voice’ or ‘I love your song’.”

David revealed he is a particular fan of Sam Smith, adding: “I’ve met him a couple of times and I haven’t heard him live in front of me singing, I’ve heard him on the radio.

“There are some special voices and he’s very blessed to have the voice that he does.”

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